Disponible la «Caja de herramientas para mejorar la competencia intercultural y la sensibilidad a la diversidad» (En inglés)

Access to responsive, people-centred health systems is essential to ensure appropriate health care for refugees and migrants throughout the process of migration and settlement. Focusing on intercultural competence and diversity sensitivity, this toolkit contributes to a broader WHO strategy to develop an evidence-based response to the public health needs of refugees and migrants. Aimed at health authorities at national, subnational and local levels, as well as health care practitioners, researchers, patients and caregivers, it provides an accessible introduction to the key concepts underpinning intercultural competence and diversity sensitivity; provides an overview of the types of action that can be taken to improve health care at organizational, systemic, professional and individual health care provider levels; uses case studies to examine methods and techniques that can be used to promote migrant participation at different stages of policy and practice; and provides an overview of factors to be considered in any initiative developed to promote intercultural competence and diversity sensitivity in health care.